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Heavy Transport


Scheuerle Dual-Lane Trailers (Wide Combi)

Our Scheuerle dual lane trailers are the first of their kind in North America. Southern California presents some transportation regulations that are difficult to overcome with loads on- and off-highway. Our dual lane trailers allow us to increase our load capabilities on highways where other trailers wouldn’t be able transport the same load.

Heavy Transport is the nations only owner of Scheuerle’s new Dual Lane trailer which is specifically designed for modular, on highway travel in the United States with heavy loads. Previously this would require a very long trailer with as many as 13 axles, but now the same sized load can be moved with only six axles. The Dual Lane Trailer is able to distribute weight much more efficiently thus allowing the 6-axle and 12-axle arrangement can effectively move 180,000 and over 500,000 lbs. The all wheel steering arrangement allows the trailer to efficiently move the maximum weight in tight turns that normal 13-axle combinations would never be able to make. Also available with the dual lane trailer is the insert to be placed in between the modular sections of the trailers. The insert is designed to provide the driver with two feet of extra clearance while traveling, specifically for generators, nacelles, and other tall loads.

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