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Super-Lift Crane Attachments

Designed for heavy-lift projects and projects working at an extended radius, the super-lift attachment can greatly improve the power of a crane — Heavy lift attachments vary by which type of crane that are being used on. Heavy Lift attachments on crawler cranes come in the form of a "derrick" mast attached to support the main boom and also to hang more ballast counterweight. Heavy Lift attachments on All-Terrain cranes are typically seen attached to the main boom and are designed to support the boom and minimize deflection (bending and swaying) of the boom. The Grove version of this, designed for the GMK7550 is called the "MegaWing." Two examples of such heavy lift attachments can be seen in the photos on the right.

Crawler Crane Heavy Lift Data

Liebherr LR1280

Liebherr LR1300

Liebherr LR1400/2

All-Terrain Heavy Lift Data 

Grove GMK7550

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