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Space Launch Complex 6 - VAFB

Bragg Crane & Rigging was awarded the project to repair and upgrade Space Launch Complex 6 at Vandenberg Airforce Base. The project included the replacement and upgrade of control arms on the launch tower, the Delta Rocket's vertical lifter, and the launch table for the Boeing Delta IV rocket. Bragg Crane & Rigging, with the combined services of Bragg Crane Service and Heavy Transport transported, lifted and installed several major components over a 3 year project with United Launch Alliance, culminating in several successful launches for the Boeing Delta IV rocket.

“The nature of our work at ULA spans a wide range both in scope and cost, from very small to very large. I consider that any company should be judged by the character and performance of their people and how they respond to their customers’ needs… The Bragg Companies have, in all aspects of their work, exceeded our expectations at the SLC-6 Launch Complex.”

John Nelson, United Launch Alliance

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