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Heavy Transport


Bay Bridge Maintenance Travelers

Heavy Transport was hired to transport five maintenance traveler sections for the Bay Bridge project in San Francisco, CA. The traveler sections with dimensions of 180'L x 19'W x 19' H weighed in at nearly 150,000lbs. The unique shape required the use of our Scheuerle Wide-Combi trailers with two 4-axles sections and 39' drop deck insert to accomodate the height of the traveler sections while they are being hauled down city streets of Santa Fe Springs and Long Beach. A total of 5 trips were made with each traveler section making the trip through 20 miles of suburban streets to the Port of Long Beach. 

Throughout the project Heavy Transport devoted nearly 1,700 planning hours working with the fabricators (Westmont Industries) and the project engineer to develop a suitable plan to haul the traveler sections with the appropriate trailer. Throughout the project, Heavy Transport dedicated over 400 hours to completing the project safely and on time to meet the construction schedule of the Bay Bridge Project. Heavy Transport also suggested and developed an alternative transportation plan using a barge to transport the traveler sections from Long Beach to Oakland to save time and permitting costs on the project. The project was completed on time and under budget with zero recordable incidents while using the Bragg Companies P.A.S.S. Safety program to promote a safe and smooth project.





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